Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Poem: "Catching Dreams"

Just once I'll inhabit the world that I dream in
And bring back the secrets of dreams
I won't use a net - I'll catch them gently
By coaxing them out with silent kinship
The kind good books make when I understand them.

Tonight I'll inhabit the dream world I sleep in 
To discover the secrets of dreams
I'll awaken a little while covered in blankets
And roam in the soft canvas hills
Each shadow I find I will stop by and whisper,
"Here, secret, please show me yourself"
I swear I'll be patient - no anxious persuasion
No trapping the thing with an act of force
I'll sit in the sun and peel dandelions
And tell it how peaceful, how warm and relaxing
The day is out here when one's not draped in shadows
Awaiting my sleep to come

1 comment:

AndreDogg said...

I think that your conclusion is very strong. The final four lines of the poem welcome your dreams into your real life, not to be relegated to sleep. This is refreshing, to see dreams as something which can contribute to us in a tangible way, not just lurk in our sleep. The imagery helps that, as sleep is pleasant and soft, rather than a breeding ground for the unconciouss which many find freudian and titilating: sexual, primal. This is an excellent direction to take the poem I think, because there is no reason to relegate dreams to a shadowy and seemingly evil realm of discussion, they can reflect and be good for our real lives. This doesnt even take into account that dreams can be both the subconcious literal and also the lofty goals one might harbor, but I am sure that that reading could be interesting.